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Release Day

It’s December 4th, which means…. *drum roll* It’s release day! *cheers echo throughout the room*   That’s right!  Robbed Blind, the fourth book of the Glimmer Vale Chronicles, is now out there for the world to grab and enjoy. A

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Cool Developments

Hello, folks. It’s been a while since I had anything to say on here.  Or rather, it’s been a while since I bothered to say anything on here.  Suffice it to say the last couple months have been pretty busy.

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Tollard’s Peak – LIVE!

Ok, it actually went live yesterday, and I neglected to to you about it.  Sorry about that.  But it’s true: Tollard’s Peak (Glimmer Vale Chronicles #3) is now live for sale. Winter in Glimmer Vale – a time to remain

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Marketing and Pricing

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’m presenting my stories, from a marketing and pricing perspective, and I’ve decided to make a few changes. First, let’s talk Pericles. I’ve been wondering for a while whether I chose correctly about

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The Pericles Conspiracy – Chapter Twelve

On to the next chapter. I am posting The Pericles Conspiracy for all y’all to read here on the blog.  Two chapters per week.  Given there are 63 chapters in the book,  if you don’t want to bother waiting half a year to

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The Pericles Conspiracy is now out there, for the reading public to consume. I am, of course, psyched.  And you should be too, because Pericles is, if I do say so myself, a great read.  ;)  You guys really need

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Changing the Covers

I use GIMP to do covers.  At least I do when I don’t hire out for them.  It’s pretty powerful, and the price was right – FREE! Over the last year and a half I’ve learned a lot about how

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Prelude to The Pericles Conspiracy

Thought-Provoking and Action-Packed SciFi Thriller

A Fun, Action-Filled Fantasy Adventure

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2 - A Sword & Sorcery Murder-Mystery

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #3 - A Winter Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #4 - A Robbery Threatens Lydelton's Economic Existence

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Adventure.

A bundle of 10 SF/F short stories

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

5 Short Stories

Exciting Sci Fi/Horror Novella

Valor vs Magic...and the Undead

A Modern Fantasy Novella

A safari to a distant star to hunt Dragons

SciFi Novelette

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