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Covering Down

Sunday is my publishing work day.  I think I mentioned that before, didn’t I?  I got a lot of good stuff done over the last couple weeks, and I just thought I’d share. Last week, I worked on getting my

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*insert Mel Gibson yell* *cue the Braveheart music*   Right.  Now that we have that out of the way, something special’s going on this weekend.   I liked the cover so much, I wrote a great story for it (yeah

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Sunday Publishing

I think I mentioned it before, but this year I’m setting aside Sunday as my official “working on publishing” day.  I had prepped Short Story 10-Pack last Sunday, but didn’t hit publish until Friday for reasons I spelled out before.

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Lots And Lots Of Shorts

You may have noticed I’ve fallen off the short story bandwagon lately.  There are a lot of reasons for that, which don’t really bear going in to now.  One of the things I intend to do this year is get

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2013 Writing Goal – Weeks 15 and 16

Yeah…I forgot to post my progress last week.  Silly me. So, week 15.  Didn’t meet the goal.  5,016 words total: No real excuse for missing the goal.  I just…missed it.  One thing I’ll note about the last few weeks, where

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2013 Writing Goal – Week 13

The picture speaks for itself: Didn’t meet the goal.  But that’s ok; I had lots of family fun instead. Oh, and I published a short story, under my mystery pen name. Across the Line is a 4,300 word short story

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2013 Writing Goal – Week 11

Another week ended the other night.  Time to tell you guys how I did. In a word, meh.  Observe: Just 4,402 words. But that’s ok.  I ran a freaking Triathlon last week!  Suck it, beeotches!  :P Or something like that.

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Prelude to The Pericles Conspiracy

Thought-Provoking and Action-Packed SciFi Thriller

A Fun, Action-Filled Fantasy Adventure

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2 - A Sword & Sorcery Murder-Mystery

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #3 - A Winter Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #4 - A Robbery Threatens Lydelton's Economic Existence

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Adventure.

A bundle of 10 SF/F short stories

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

5 Short Stories

Exciting Sci Fi/Horror Novella

Valor vs Magic...and the Undead

A Modern Fantasy Novella

A safari to a distant star to hunt Dragons

SciFi Novelette

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