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My #NaNoWriMo Plan

Ok, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow.  This will be my first attempt at it.  I’m a mix of confident and uncertain about it.  My confidence comes from knowing that back in July, during my 30,000 word challenge, I cranked out over 29,000

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The other day I sent information on Masters of the Sun to the Kindle Lovers website/Facebook page (I’ve got them linked in my blogroll to the right).  I checked and they decided to feature it on their site today!  The

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Yeah, I’m an idiot. I’m a bit over 27,000 words into the Scifi thriller (and I STILL don’t have a title for it….sonofabitch), and like I said the other day, I’ve been totally bogged down lately.  Part of the reason

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Man, I have completed SUCKED at writing this month. Even when I have some free time, I find myself getting sucked into blogs, or forums, or whatever.  And then I catch myself and shut them off, or even shut the

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The Benefits of Competition

It’s amazing what a little competition can do. I’ve never had a traditional publishing deal, but in the last ten months since I’ve started educating myself on how publishing works I’ve learned a thing or two about them. For decades,

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The Brave New World of…Tradition? Really?

Even though I have no desire to get an agent, and frankly at this point see no benefit in getting one, I still will on occasion visit agents’ blogs to see what’s going on in their world.  And why not? 

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America in Decline?

There was an interesting article in the Financial Times yesterday about how America is going to decline, in fact we’ve already begun, and the best thing we can do is talk honestly about it so we can manage is correctly.  It’s an

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Prelude to The Pericles Conspiracy

Thought-Provoking and Action-Packed SciFi Thriller

A Fun, Action-Filled Fantasy Adventure

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2 - A Sword & Sorcery Murder-Mystery

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #3 - A Winter Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #4 - A Robbery Threatens Lydelton's Economic Existence

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Adventure.

A bundle of 10 SF/F short stories

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

5 Short Stories

Exciting Sci Fi/Horror Novella

Valor vs Magic...and the Undead

A Modern Fantasy Novella

A safari to a distant star to hunt Dragons

SciFi Novelette

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