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August Wrap-Up

August has been a pretty good month. I didn’t get as many new words written as in July.  To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how many words I wrote, truth to tell.  I don’t generally tally them up month

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Utterly Ignorant Dreck

Passive Guy linked yesterday to an appalling example of ignorant pessimism. Read it, if you have a strong stomach, and a strong tolerance for BS. I can’t fully express how idiotic this speech, or whatever it is, is.  The guy goes

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Editorial Demand

I got the editor’s feedback on Masters yesterday morning.  Good stuff!  I spent a good chunk of the day, and an hour and a half late at night, moving her corrections and tweaks from the .rtf file she sent me

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Sample Sunday – Lords of the Remnant

Sample Sunday again.  :) This week, an excerpt from Lords of the Remnant, a science fiction story about an alien invasion.  Here it is: They came at dawn, a streaming mass of bodies falling from the sky.  As with everything

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Is The Advance You’ve Been Offered Good Enough?

The other day I wrote about my consternation over a thread on Kindleboards about whether or not an indie writer should use an agent to help negotiate the deal if publishers come knocking on the writer’s door. My thesis is

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Funny How Things Work Out

So I went to KDP tonight to see how sales are going.  The answer: pretty well, for my first real month of sales (I don’t count the months with just Damsel and Falling Softly because, well, I’m not…).  Still, the

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Cutting Back

Ok, I put this post under the category “douchebaggery”.  Unfortunately, that douchebaggery applies to me this time. On Friday evening, I got into a bit of an argument over on the Kindleboards.  The argument centered around whether a successful indie

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Prelude to The Pericles Conspiracy

Thought-Provoking and Action-Packed SciFi Thriller

A Fun, Action-Filled Fantasy Adventure

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2 - A Sword & Sorcery Murder-Mystery

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #3 - A Winter Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #4 - A Robbery Threatens Lydelton's Economic Existence

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Adventure.

A bundle of 10 SF/F short stories

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

5 Short Stories

Exciting Sci Fi/Horror Novella

Valor vs Magic...and the Undead

A Modern Fantasy Novella

A safari to a distant star to hunt Dragons

SciFi Novelette

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