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Stop Being A Child

Passive Guy, over at The Passive Voice, had a couple great posts this morning. The first was a link to, and comments on, Sarah Hoyt’s continued discussion about why she dropped her agent. The second was a discussion of comments on

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Sample Sunday – 31 July 2011

It’s time for some more Sample Sunday action! Here are the first 500 words from my short story, Falling Softly: Through his spyglass, the assassin watched Lord Padmar disembark his carriage.  He was dressed in his best: a dark red

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Call me anal, but…

So I went by my mailbox this afternoon and found an envelope from Writers of the Future. It was my Honorable Mention certificate!  Cool! Now, I have no idea what percentage of entrants get Honorable Mentions, Silver Honorables, and the

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Another Story Bites The Dust

Well, it’s been an interesting couple days. Holy cow, a lot of people sat up and took notice of my post yesterday about ebook pricing.  There’ve been almost 200 views of that post alone in the last day and a

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The Real Problem With $.99 Ebooks

Yesterday, Dean Wesley Smith linked to a great post by Zoe Winters about why she doesn’t agree with charging $.99 for novels, and why that should never, and will never, be the standard price for novel-length fiction. For the record,

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Sample Sunday – 24 July 2011

I expect to get the editor’s comments on Masters of the Sun tomorrow.  Assuming that happens as planned, and assuming there are no huge boogers that need extensive fixes, I’ll probably have it up live on the various ebook sites

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Artists Are Not Special

Fair warning.  If you consider yourself an “artist”, this post is likely to piss you off.  Read at your own risk. Oh God, if I hear one more “artist” going on about how he needs to suffer for his art,

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Prelude to The Pericles Conspiracy

Thought-Provoking and Action-Packed SciFi Thriller

A Fun, Action-Filled Fantasy Adventure

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #2 - A Sword & Sorcery Murder-Mystery

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #3 - A Winter Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong

Glimmer Vale Chronicles #4 - A Robbery Threatens Lydelton's Economic Existence

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy Adventure.

A bundle of 10 SF/F short stories

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

A Compilation of Five Short Novels

5 Short Stories

Exciting Sci Fi/Horror Novella

Valor vs Magic...and the Undead

A Modern Fantasy Novella

A safari to a distant star to hunt Dragons

SciFi Novelette

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